Welcome to this-isnt-nesseria! Commonly auto-corrected to this-isn’t-neisseria by google…


Who are you?

A medical student who makes poorly drawn webcomics to pass the time between shelf exams. I don’t sign my name to my work because I’m worried about the ever looming specter of professionalism… and I’ve got a lot of loans to pay off and non-transferable skills.

What happened to your tumblr?

I realized it was taking all of my traffic from my website and I was tired of updating multiple places so I deleted it.

Can I use your stuff for my newspaper/blog/tumblr/tattoo it to my face?

As long as you’re not selling things with my work on it, you’re probably okay. If you’re a non-profit publication, you don’t need permission to print my comics, but please attribute it to this-isnt-nesseria.com. If you’re a for-profit publication, email me first, and I’ll probably let you anyway. You can post this-isnt-nesseria on your blog without getting permission, even if you are running ads. Anyone is permitted to tattoo one of my webcomics to their face, provided I am sent a picture of it upon completion.

How do I email you to get permission?


How did this start?

I started making medically themed comics under the name u/this_isnt_nesseria and posted them to reddit on r/medicine and r/medicalschool. Some people wanted them in a centralized place so I started this website.

I have an idea for a comic that I want you to make!

Shoot me an email or message me on reddit. I’ve made a couple by request and they’re usually great ideas.