Edward Jenner took his gardener’s son and injected him with cow-pox. He then challenged him with increasingly virulent strains of small-pox to prove that inoculation with cow-pox was protective. With all of the red-tape involved in even simple research projects, it’s amazing that there were literally no rules back in the day.

Title: Ethics

Text: Once Upon a Time, In England

Edward Jenner: “It seems like none of those milk maids get small pox. I bet if we inoculated people with cowpox, they wouldn’t get it.”
Assistant: “The only way to prove that would be to inject someone with cowpox and then inject them with dangerous strains of small pox.”


Assistant: “But those seem like murky potentially unethical waters.”


Assitant: “HAHA! Really had you going there for a bit!”
Edward Jenner: “Oh you got me good! I’ll go find some peasant child.”