Title: Phineas Gage

Text: Phineas Gage is one of the most famous case reports of all time.

Text: In 1848, Gage was working witha  railroad crew, when a charge detonated and launched rail into his head. Even though his left frontal lobe as almost completely destroyed, he somehow survived.

Phineas Gage: “Dave, are you kidding me?!”

Text: According to those who knew him, after the incident Gage became untrustworthy and selfish. So much so that he was no longer “Gage.”

Wife: “Did you not leave me any milk for the coffee?!”

Text: This presents a challenge for body-mind dualists, as it suggests that behavior may be simply the result of brain structure.

Gage: thinking “I wonder how long I can keep taking advantage of this whole brain injury thing.”

Text: But of course, there’s always an alternative explanation.

this-isnt-nesseria…. or this-isn’t-neisseria.